Three substantial Brickwood family trees are known as of 2007. The Guildford Brickwood family tree (1706-1904, plus some updating by Chris Brickwood), the Long Ditton Brickwood family tree (1781-1904, plus some updating by Alan Brickwood), and the London Brickwood family tree (covering - rather patchily - the late sixteenth century to the second half of the eighteenth century). These trees were part of the genealogical research commissioned by brewery baron Sir John Brickwood of the Guildford Brickwoods to mark his knighthood in 1904, and are from copies sent to my great-grandfather Jesse Brickwood (1870-1958).

Picture of Jesse Brickwood

The links (if any) between these various trees are not known. No links have been proven either to the substantial part of the family originating from south west England - particularly the Saint Germans area of Cornwall: one member of this branch of the family even seems to have become Postmaster General of Hawaii! (See: Arthur P Brickwood)

It is hoped that further research will find links: contact has been made with Brickwood family members and researchers in Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

Work-in-progress files of information on all three family trees are here:

Link to Guildford Brickwood GenealogyLink to London Brickwoods GenealogyLink to Long Ditton Brickwoods Genealogy

Meanwhile, let's let Sir John tell the story. This is from his letter to Jesse Brickwood (pictured left) on 16th September 1929 (he died in February 1932):

" The earliest Brickwoods I have found so far are in Leicestershire 1553 or thereabouts but I have failed to connect my family with them up to the present and I cannot find where my William of 1706 came from when he married Anne Waller in Guildford. We have searched very thoroughly and have had the most expert searcher on it vainly. I have records of several families of the name who possibly emanated from one stock but I have not bothered to assimilate them... Genealogical research is a tedious and expensive business."


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