Picture of Guildford Brickwood family tree

Yes, I know you can't read it from this image! Press one of these buttons for a file containing data from the tree, which I hope to keep adding to. Button 1 covers the first six generations from the earliest record and the continuation of the Portsmouth (Sir John) side of the family. Button 2 continues from William Brickwood and Mary Baxter in the sixth generation down through the Guildford/Kingston extension.

Link to Guildford Genealogy Part 1 Link to Guildford Genealogy Part 2

The tree, which starts with the marriage of William Brickwood to Anne Waller in Guildford, Surrey, England in 1706, was researched around 1904 on behalf of Sir John Brickwood. I cannot be sure of the accuracy of the work, particularly as to whether 'birth' dates are actually baptismal dates, and whether 'deaths' are really burials. I am updating as I can: if you have any information, please e-mail me: family@brickwoods.co.uk