The Long Ditton Brickwood family tree starts here. For some information see Wikipedia (local web sites that I have previously referenced keep disappearing!)
For nearby Thames Ditton, click here!

This file contains information from the original tree, which starts with the birth of James "The Biggest Man in Surrey" Brickwood in 1781, and was researched around 1904 and in following years on behalf of Sir John Brickwood. I cannot be sure of the accuracy of the work, particularly as to whether 'birth' dates are actually baptismal dates, and whether 'deaths' are really burials. Later information on the descent from Robert Brickwood (born 1/10/1843) has been supplied by Alan John Brickwood.

It should be noted that more recent research by Fran Danilewicz and Linda Smith throws some doubt on the accuracy of some of the earlier data. I will attempt to incorporate more of their work in the future.

An update loaded in April 2001 includes the first data on the descent from Arthur James Brickwood who moved to the US and married Ida Frat Whitaker: with thanks to his grandson, Arthur James Brickwood (living in North Carolina), and great-grandson Scott Marvin Brickwood (living in Washington).

I am updating as I can: if you have any information, please e-mail me:

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